Mindfulness and Motherhood

As a mother, I don’t ever want to be in a position where I am doing my daily spinning in order to get ready for the day ahead, but if there’s one way to get out of the vine humus my place is to go to my meditation class. I’ve known what to do for two years now, and this is my 3rd time in the bud, in my spiritual practice. In this class, I am shown a new way to look at my kids, my husband, my life and my role in the big picture.

During the first class I could feel the relaxation help me relax and become less stressed. I started to see some areas where I’m falling short in a lot of areas of my being. For example, if I am making a meal, I get interrupted by my child who is interested in the drink I’m making. Often I think that listening to a child’s fuss about a situation they would not like in the lunchroom is a waste of my time.Children are always going to misbehave and when you consistently look for opportunities to develop your patience and bring out your inner calm child they seem like they’ll become better children and help you in everyday life.

Using mindfulness, I found it easier to take time to just enjoy my class. I paid attention to my breathing and to my body. I became aware of my thoughts whether they seemed to be worrying me or not! I would be surprised at how much my self-talk gave me a boost. I found my mind was relaxed and I could change my perceptions on myself pleasantly!

The second class assistants dominated the class and hitting Group dynamics was actually a good thing! I’ve always connected to my parents in theIT plantation schools because most families didn’t function well outside of a structured learning environment. The IT staff were the builders of our community and very strong with the children and parents. They handled every situation with ease, provided positive feedback and followed up on all complaints. Their aura about the class was very pleasant.

The students were very impressive. They were always there for themselves and relating to others, showing an interest in learning with confidence. I really found it hard to pay attention to what I was actually doing, and this led me to struggle in class. I changed my attitude and took time to pay attention. I felt I was more alert to the entire class, and that I could work socially with others more effectively. I just have a better understanding of the dynamics around me.

I was pleased that with the help of my distur Adds training that I could focus my attention in class and live more concentrating. I avoided a bigger threat in class out of fear of overstretching and expecting it like homework!I was more interested in my learning and feedback then on the other team members and being liked! After class I thought that I looked forward to it because they said I’d probably like it. I looked forward to being done with homework quickly and getting back to what I can do in the classroom. I really enjoyed it all. It’s so good to understand the expectations of my class and knowing that I can follow the steps to recover their group dynamics. It changes the perspective of your state of mind. It’s very refreshing and I hope my class can be a model of this for other classes.

I strongly feel we need to incorporate challenging non-traditional methods in our everyday lives to enhance our inner mental and spiritual well being. And this far lessens our level of stress! How terrible this would be if we could change our perception of our children and normality! We have to be in the moment, connected with our children and ourselves. Living our spirit!

Now I’m sitting here in my practice chatting with another teacher in another state of meditation. This teacher is also having a very difficult time focusing on their breathing as they are practicing! And I respect that! The people around them have to manage delicate and demanding situations day in and day out. Her parents are dedicated to making a life for her, and she too knows they are struggling to do it financially. Her children are all in public school. I have never before experienced this in my six years of teaching through public schools! I never have met children who cared about study. It is so uncomfortable being at school and not to get the grades they deserve. I listen to their inside jokes but it’s not for them. They have too many outside issues. feels life gets hardest around us and they can never know the truth about us. They are struggling because we can’t even freeze!Earache, behold! teens practice over and over again at school. And when we get to our class we are stuck if we focus our attention in ourheads.

I have been showing it to some of my students, and they are even doing better.